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ALA Meeting 05-21-2014

ALA Meeting 06-09-2014

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Town of Loxahatchee Groves Resolution Opposing Minto

Resolution to PBC Commission regarding Minto

PBC Legislative Update

Note Page 3 - GL Homes

By: County Staff

While there have been relatively few pieces of legislation filed regarding growth management related issues, one item that has been rumored to appear is a change in the agricultural enclave definitions that would seek to benefit GL Homes on the piece of property they own in Palm Beach County adjacent to the Corbett Wildlife Area.

While it is unclear how a potential change would look, it has been suggested that the definition of agricultural enclaves could be altered to provide the same zoning benefits on properties of land that are next to similarly zoned properties but not necessarily bordered on all four sides by like property.

While only one lobbyist is currently registered to represent GL homes, David Ramba, has recently registered to represent Palm Beach West Associates I LLLP that is affiliated with GL Homes developments. We will continue to monitor for any potential developments.

Letter Opposing Minto Private Modifications Feb 27, 2014

ULDC County Review

Before Zoning staff commences analysis of uses regulated by the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) , the Zoning Division is soliciting public input on Article 4, Use Regulations for one use classification at a time.

Comments would be accepted through surveys for the use classification listed below within the dates indicated. Your comments will be used for the analysis of uses and may be included in the attachments of a Subcommittee packet.

Residential Uses Handout

Residential Use Matrix

Canals 101

Presentation on how our canal system works.

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SR 7 Traffic Report


State Road 7 and Roebuck Road Issue


State Road 7 Map from Indian Trail Improvement District


DOT Presentation given to Ibis Residents

Presentation to Ibis_Jan_13_2011.pdf

DOT Presentation Given to Palm Beach Legislative Delagation


State Road 7 Corridor Report